DSC_3025.jpgGretchen Carvajal is the definition of a multi-disciplinary artist. Growing up she was surrounded by music and began singing at a young age, while her obsession with the visual began brewing. In high school, she began writing spoken word poetry and was an experienced slam poet by the age of 17 where she had competed in several local slams and international poetry slams such as Brave New Voices. In college, she was accepted into the First Wave Urban Arts program at the University of Wisconsin Madison, where she received a full tuition scholarship in for spoken word and hip-hop. In the University she studied Fine Art with a focus on printmaking under the top printmaking program in the country. She has learned from the likes of John Hitchcock, Lynda Barry, Faisal Abdu’Allah while also continuing to hone her spoken word skills under the coaching of Danez Smith, Jasmine Mans and many more. Gretchen also studied Neon in the University under Brad Corso and Neon veteran, Tom Zickhur and has had her sculptures mounted in the Madison Children’s Museum as well as the Chazen Art Museum.

Her jewelry brand BRWNGRLZ is a business Carvajal ventured in 2010 when she began making earrings as a side hustle, BRWNGRLZ has since become a fast growing independent company making laser cut wooden earrings that have been worn by women from all over the world.

Gretchen continues to explore the heights of storytelling through all of the media she has learned to hone in her time. She creates for the people because her stories come from her people. Her roots in activism and hip-hop keep her work authentic and fresh and always down for the cause.

If you have any inquiries about booking her for a workshop or an event, or even commissioning work, you can contact her on gretchenbcarvajal@gmail.com


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